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Nominating guardians for children

A will can be the document that states who would raise a person’s children if something happens to the parent. 

Establishing trusts

A person may not want loved ones to receive all of their inheritance at once. In that situation, a trust may be a good choice. 

Naming a personal representative

A will usually states who will be the personal representative (executor) of an estate, i.e. the person who will carry out a deceased individual’s wishes stated in the will. 

Establishing a non-intervention estate

In Washington, a properly drafted will can provide that the court have only minimal involvement, which could reduce substantially any probate expenses. ​

​While wills can serve as powerful estate planning tools, they are only effective if they are properly drafted to suit the needs of each individual. We can review all your options with you and establish a will in a manner that ensures your wishes will be honored.​


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wills as estate planning tools

Most people know about wills and their basic purpose – to ensure that one’s hard earned assets go to the right beneficiaries when an individual passes away. But wills can be used to accomplish one or more of the following important goals: