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out of state clients

Legal Representation for Out-of-State Executors

In many cases, an out-of-state relative, beneficiary or family member may be involved in estate planning, including guardianship or in the administration of an estate, including probate or trust settlement. 

We often help families in ancillary probate proceedings. Paying debtors, handling real estate, and the final settlement of an estate requires an experienced advocate, especially when you reside out of state. We will ascertain the value of property, make sure all tax returns are filed, give proper notice to beneficiaries and ensure that all details of estate settlement are handled on your behalf.

Real Estate Transactions

We often help with property transfers, purchases of commercial or residential property and leases. We handle clients' needs from all over the United States.

Moving a Business to Washington State

If you are moving to Washington state, we can help you navigate the Washington regulatory system and help you get established and become successful in the Evergreen State.

A Counsel's Counsel

We are often engaged by out-of-state counsel to assist on matters related to their clients' interests in Washington State. Give us a call, we would be happy to chat with you about your case. Pressed for time? Just send us a quick note.