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We want you to know your legal costs from the outset. It  is hard to estimate what your legal needs are without discussing with you in detail what you need. Each client situation is different. We take the time to discuss each engagement to ensure that our fees are fair, competitive, and clear. Learn more about our Initial Consultations.


We will quote and stick to a fixed fee for most transactions. We give our clients certainty as to their legal spending and we approach the question of pricing with the client's specific needs and constraints in mind.


We believe in transparency so that you can compare law firms even before you contact them. We provide hourly billing for matters that are hard to gauge. 

​While the hourly fee is sometimes frowned upon, it can be an effective form of billing for legal services: the client is paying only for those services that are performed. The billing method itself is not flawed; rather, the manner in which it is applied ma be at issue. In many instances, the hourly fee can be a successful billing method. We have instituted several strict policies to ensure that the hourly fee is charged appropriately and judiciously, including the following:

  • 0.1 Minimum Time 

Many firms have a minimum charge of .2 or .3 hours without properly accounting for the work done. At Olympic Legal, you only pay for quality work billed in the smallest reasonable unit possible and you get a detailed monthly statement.

  • Consistent Billing 

Ever wait months before receiving your attorney’s bill, and then feel sticker shock when it comes in the mail? We bill you on the same day each and every month, which means you always know how much you are spending. You won’t be surprised by large bills, and you’ll be able to manage your legal budget as your case moves forward.

What you spend with Olympic Legal is completely transparent. Every task we perform for our clients is recorded in detail on your bill. You’ll never get a charge from us that is vaguely described. You will be able to pay your invoice online with 24/7 access. No checks, no stamps.


We offer on-going legal counsel for businesses on a monthly fixed retainer. Big companies have lawyers down the hall. For a small business, this  makes  no sense. We are your general counsel and provide legal advice and strategic forethought,  whether you are just starting out or you are already  established. 

flexible payment plans

If  your flat fee is over $1,000, we would like to discuss if we could offer to break up the payment into three monthly installments.