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When do I need a real estate attorney?

The time to engage a real estate attorney is well before your Real Estate Purchase & Sale Agreement is signed. After the agreement is been signed, there is less that an attorney can do to remedy any problems that may arise if they weren’t addressed in the contract. 

buying or selling a home

Why is a real estate lawyer a great investment?


 A home is an important financial and emotional investment. Our Skagit residential real estate lawyer can help you to successfully buy or sell your home. We protecting your interests as we prepare the transaction for closing. Unlike a real estate agent, a real estate lawyer can provide comprehensive legal services covering all aspects of the deal.   

How are we different from a real estate agent or broker?

Unlike a real estate agent, we are not limited to completing pre-printed forms. Rather, we can draft a contract specifically tailored to your situation, no matter how complex. Unlike an agent, we have full legal authority to answer any question you may have about the terms of the contract or your legal rights and obligations. Thus, in most cases,
an attorney is better than an agent when buying or selling a home. 

Only an attorney can make an accurate judgment on legal matters. Remember that your real estate agent wants to close the deal, while an attorney’s goal is to represent your best interests. Many aspects of a typical agent’s job may be adverse to your interests, such as the method of compensation: a typical agent earns a commission only when the deal closes, thus giving the agent a personal incentive to close the deal regardless of the client’s interests or wishes. 

Protect your rights and interests

By hiring an experienced Skagit real estate attorney, you can better protect yourself from the possible resulting harm. You pay us directly so that we have no personal incentive whatsoever to close your transaction. We want whatever outcome you want, even if that means getting out of the contract. In today’s high cost real estate market where most home prices range from several hundred thousand and beyond a million, even less problematic transactions may benefit from the expertise of a seasoned real estate lawyer.

We can assist you whether or not you are also using an agent. We help sellers where no agents are involved (“For Sale by Owner”) and where the property has been listed on the Multiple Listing. We help buyers regardless of how they found the property. We help buyers and sellers negotiate and close complicated transactions other than a simple sale, such as lease with option to purchase or real estate contracts. 


​At Olympic Legal, we can help with most real estate issues you might have when buying or selling a home, from review of all real estate essentials to drafting or negotiating all key elements of the sale. Call us at 360.630.3635 and put an experienced Skagit real estate lawyer to work​.