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Many of the people who contact us think that estate planning is essentially about their assets. While these are important aspects of any estate plan, another critical piece concerns something far more personal: You.  What happens to You?

​A Key Part to Every Estate Plan

Under Washington law, every person has the right to control the disposition of his or her own remains without the predeath or postdeath consent of another person. 

If you have not prepared a disposition of remains directive and you loved ones are not aware of your wishes, a tragic loss can become even more unbearable when families argue about what You may have wanted. This process can be excruciating and, when the courts get involved, expensive.

Disposition of Remains Choices

The two main options for the disposition of your body after you die are burial and cremation.

In Washington, we now have two additional options, “composting” (natural organic reduction) and  “aquamation” (alkaline hydrolysis). 

Finally, a less frequently used option is donation for medical education or scientific research.

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