How much would my estate plan cost?

We tailor a plan specific to your needs, not a generic one-size-fits-all form. In most cases, we are able to provide a flat fee quote once we have had the chance to talk with you for 10-15 minutes. The call is fee.

The following scenarios may increase the complexity and cost of your estate plan:

 ·  Multiple marriages

 ·  Owning a business, farm or forest land

 ·  owning real estate outside Washington

 ·  Significant net worth

 ·  Disinheriting a spouse or child

​ ·  Complicated family dynamics or history.

We have also published our recent flat fee ranges for basic estate planning service packages to allow you to gauge whether our services may be of interest to you or may fit your budget. 

flat feeS for basic estate plan packages

  BASIC WILL                                $350-$450

  POWER OF ATTORNEY            $150-$250

Your case may not fit within these flat fee ranges, but we will be glad to explain the reasons if that is so. Our goal is transparency and efficiency from the outset. ​

Do I need an attorney to write a will for me?

An experienced estate planning attorney can help ensure that your will is clearly written and properly executed, which will convey your wishes accurately and will reduce the likelihood of expensive litigation by heirs if contested. 

Can’t I just put everything into my children’s names?

That is one way to plan your estate, but there are many negative consequences. Once you put an asset in your children’s names, you lose control over that asset. 

Anything that is in your children’s names belongs to them and is fair game for their creditors.

Thus, if one of your children causes a motor vehicle accident and the victim obtains a judgment, your property can be reached if it is in that child’s name.

  FOR COUPLES                            $650-$850

  FOR SINGLE INDIVIDUALS       $450-$650

  Packages include the following:​​

  ·  Estate planning consultation 

  ·  Will with Bequest by List

  ·  Power of Attorney for Health Care

  ·  Power of Attorney-Financial Matters

  ·  Revocation of Power(s) of Attorney

  ·  Health Care Directive

  ·  Counsel re Beneficiary Designations 

  ·  Notary Services for Document Signing​


​Plan for your future, protect what you have earned, and provide for your loved ones by calling us at 360.630.3635. You may also request a Skype or FaceTime video consultation if you are unable to come into our office.

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