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As a Skagit mediation lawyer, Neli Espe focuses on the prompt and effective resolution of her clients's disputes. She has worked in the area for over 15 years and teaches mediation at the college level. Whether you have a business, trust, probate, lease or contract dispute, give us a call to see if we can assist you in your mediation proceeding. We offer flexible payment options and rates.

mediation basics

Most Washington alternative dispute resolution attorneys prefer to start the ADR process with mediation. In fact, many standard ADR clauses require the parties to a dispute to submit to mediation before moving to binding arbitration or litigation. In mediation, both parties submit a short brief or position paper to the mediator before the process begins.

Depending on party agreement, the mediator may share these briefs with the other side. At the mediation, all parties gather in one room, and the mediation usually begins with a plaintiff presentation, followed by a defendant presentation. Then the mediator submits both parties to a question and answer session in an attempt to more fully understand the position, goals, and points of compromise of each party.

At this point, the parties retreat to private rooms and the mediator begins a period of shuttle diplomacy, asking further questions and probing values and willingness to compromise of each party. Here, the experience of the mediator with the law and knowledge of the industry involved in the dispute become especially invaluable.

The mediator tries to drive both parties into a settlement range that the mediator believes fair and reasonable given the facts, the law, and the industry. If the parties reach that range, the mediator proposes a settlement to the parties, but the recommendations of the mediator are not binding.


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