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Skagit Residential & BUSINESS Landlord-Tenant Attorney in Anacortes serving landlords in skagit and island counties

Do You Need Representation in a Landlord Tenant Matter?

The legal team of Olympic Legal provides vigorous and effective representation to persons involved in landlord-tenant disputes. We have defended the rights of both landlords and tenants in Washington since 1999 related to evictions in single-family homes, multi-family dwellings, mobile home parks, and commercial properties.Our focus in recent years, however, has been representing landlord interests.

Residential Landlord and Tenant Rights

Landlords have the right to have the rent paid on time and if rent is unpaid, they may evict tenants in a proceeding called ‘unlawful detainer.’ Landlords must follow certain mandatory procedures: “self-help” eviction tactics are not permitted under the WA Landlord Tenant Residential Act and the Manufactured/Mobile Home Landlord-Tenant Act. Landlords have certain duties, too - they must maintain the rental homes so that they are fit for human habitability, i.e. proper water, plumbing, heating, structural soundness.

Landlords must also do basic repairs and control pests. Once the tenants have moved out, landlords must return the tenants' security deposit and must account for any withheld funds within the statutorily period. 

Residential Landlord Lawyer in Anacortes

From our office conveniently located in Uptown in Anacortes, we are prepared to defend the rights of parties involved in landlord-tenant matters in Skagit and Island Counties. 


Time is of the essence in most unlawful detainer cases. Call us at 360.630.3635 and put an experienced Skagit eviction lawyer to work.